Monday, March 28, 2011

HMMMM can I use my new camera???

well the answer to that is YES, I can - but my video is too big... now what to do?


Sunday, November 14, 2010

I knew I needed to fix the blog! I need to abuse my friendships!!

I know I ask a lot of people... and generally those I don't ask, I just bully. Please don't make me bully you. There just isn't time! Here is an email from the Utah Autism Coalition requesting our help.

Urgent Action - please contact legislators below!

Several weeks ago the Health and Human Services interim committee reviewed the autism medicaid waiver report assembled by an appointed group, per H.B. 184, of which I'm a member. However, they delayed further discussion and recommendations until this Wednesday, Nov. 17th. We hope that the committee will make a decision at this time to either appropriate funds toward the application of the waiver, or suggest we pursue further legislation.

Please take a few minutes to contact some or all of the legislators listed below. Those who need to hear from you the most are bolded and listed first. Your email can be as simple as this:

Subject: H.B. 184 - please read before Wed. Nov. 17th

Dear __________,

As (a parent of a child with) autism, I urge you to appropriate funds toward an autism medicaid waiver in your upcoming meeting, Wednesday, November 17th to provide much needed relief to families affected by autism.

(Include BRIEF personal note here)



As always, please remember to be polite and courteous when corresponding with your legislators.

For additional details and information, please refer to the meeting agenda.

Thanks for your much needed support!


Leeann Whiffen
President & Co-Founder
Utah Autism Coalition


Here is a list of the committee members:

Rep. Paul Ray, Chair
Phone: 801-538-1029

Sen. D. Chris Buttars, Co Chair
Phone: 801-538-1035

Sen. J. Stuart Adams
Phone: 801-538-1035

Sen. Allen M. Christensen
Phone: 801-538-1035

Rep. Bradley M. Daw
Phone: 801-538-1029

Rep. Stephen E. Sandstrom
Phone: 801-538-1029

Rep. Dean Sanpei
Phone: 801-374-8995

Rep. Evan J. Vickers
Phone: 801-538-1029

Sen. David P. Hinkins
Phone: 801-538-1035

Rep. Kay L. McIff
Phone: 801-538-1029

Rep. Eric K. Hutchings
Sen. Patricia W. Jones
Rep. Tim M. Cosgrove
Rep. Ronda Rudd Menlove
Rep. Phil Riesen
Sen. Luz Robles
Rep. Trisha S. Beck
Rep. Joel K. Briscoe

For those of you questioning this waiver, I unfortunately don't have many details right now. As it is in committee, they have yet to decide if it will be a total waiver where anyone with a diagnosis will be able to have Medicaid eligible services as prescribed by a doctor or if they will only allow certain needs based services - or if there will be copays and deductibles. As a parent to a fantabulous and amazing boy child, I can honestly say THEY NEED THIS!!! I would LOVE it if my insurance helped to cover the cost of speech and social therapy, but they do not. This is the closest we are going to get right now- and I would happily pay a premuim, copay and coinsurance at every visit - even with Medicaid. Please understand we are NOT asking for a handout with this waiver, we are simply asking for help where our insurance falls short. If you have any questions, Please email me!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2000 what?

Yes - so I clearly have not posted in.... hmm. And I have forgotten how to change the background business. poop. I will call Cassie, she was supposed to call me back and hasn't. So as punishment, she will have to fix the blog. Sad for her - Happy for me :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Scentsy Button

I have a new button for my Scentsy store (thanks to Leisha Kelsey) so that you can easily find me and purchase Scentsy products. Just copy and paste the code into your HTML/Java Script on your sidebar.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

End of September?

Really? Already? Yep must be. Which means I am WAY behind!!! So lets start at the beginning of the month. THE E BEAR STARTED SCHOOL. We all know what that means.... Momma Sized Tears. It was an interesting first week. There was a bit of a misunderstanding - which made me very upset. But we fixed it and Ev loves his 'Niss Nonnie'. When I picked him up from the first day, he went on and on about the slide and his green crayon and Niss Nonnie. Miss Bonnie said he raised his hand to talk and went potty by himself and played with the other kids. More Momma Sized Tears. It's week three of preschool and Ev still wants to go EVERY DAY. In fact when we drive to Tooele to go to the store (or for Cold Stone Ice Cream, my fave) he is sad when we don't turn towards the school, sometimes even forcing out a few tears. Now I would love love love love to put some fantastic pictures here like the sista did for her bebe, but the E Bear is not one for the taking of the pictures.... don't know where he gets that from - I love to have my pictures taken . He did get some school pics taken, so when I get those I will happily (and very proudly) post them.

The Ev is also going to speech in SL. The Speech therapist is Kevin - and Kevin is !!!SO SUPER fabulous!!! with Evan. Even when the bambino gets a bit silly, Kevin is always willing to play along. He is very happy with the bebe's progress, and we are looking forward to it continuing. This past week Ev has been really getting interested in the correct sounds of things. While completing homework, he would sound out the names of the objects on the pages. This was especially funny when we got to the "B" page. Directions: Color the objects that begin with the letter 'B'.
Momma: Evan, what is this?
Evan: B-B-B-Baby
Momma: Good Job! Color the baby
(Evan colors the baby green)
Momma: What is this one?
Evan: B-B-B-Ball
Momma: What color should the ball be?
Evan: Green! (colors the ball green)
Momma: Okay Ev, what is this?
Momma: Evan, please don't color the bear green. How about brown?
Evan: Nope, green. (colors the bear green)
Momma: What's this one?
Evan: B-B-B-Bfish
Momma: Not Bfish, just fish. F-F-F-Fish
Evan: (HUGE SMILE) Nope, Bfish. Color it green. Green Bfish.
Momma: Nice Ev. Miss Bonnie is going to wonder what's wrong with your momma...

Oh my baby... which reminds me - he didn't feed his bfish before school. Must go feed bfish.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The PDF catalog is big enough that lots of workplace email filters are kicking it out, and Scentsy doesn't post the catalog until September 1st. Therefore here is a list of what will be the active fragrances for the Fall/Winter Catalog, complete with their (sometimes) helpful descriptions. Let me know if you have any questions!


  • Autumn Sunset
    Apples, pumpkins, fall leaves
    and spices – a top-10
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla
    Delicious, sun-sweetened dark
    berries warmed with vanilla.
  • Bubblegum
    The true scent of baseball-card
    bubblegum – sugar and cotton
    candy with a hint of mint.
  • Camu Camu
    Tropical oasis of lush
    mandarin, camu camu and
  • Cinnamon Bear
    Crisp, spicy cinnamon, reminiscent
    of Red Hots candy with a
    touch of cloves.
  • Cinnamon Cider
    Tart apples balanced with oak
    and spicy cinnamon.
  • Cinnamon Vanilla
    Inviting blend of vanilla beans,
    cinnamon, coconut and cassia.
  • Clean Breeze
    White florals with a touch
    of spring; this is the scent of
    fresh, clean laundry.
  • Clove & Cinnamon
    Classic scent of cinnamon
    sticks fused with cloves.
  • Cranberry Spice
    A generous blend of clove and
    ginger help define the sophistication
    of tart cranberry.
  • Grape Granita
    Sun-warmed grape and
    pineapple with undertones of
  • Home Sweet Home
    Spicy cinnamon and floral
    scent – a must try!
  • Lilacs & Violets
    Perfect combination of lilacs
    and violets – the smell of
  • Orange Dreamsicle
    A classic combination of fresh
    orange, swirled with vanilla
  • Perfectly Pomegranate
    Dark and juicy pomegranate
    with a sweet berry finish; this
    is a classic.
  • Skinny Dippin’
    Fresh green apples perfectly
    harmonized with refreshing
    melons and juicy pears.
  • Sunkissed Citrus
    Lively blend of oranges,
    lemons, limes and grapefruit.
  • Sweet Pea & Vanilla
    Ambiance of raspberries and
    sweet pea petals with vanilla.
  • Vanilla Cream
    French vanilla with a touch of
    coconut milk.
  • Welcome Home
    Warm and welcoming with
    cinnamon and spices.
  • !!NEW!! Poinsettia Pine
    Sparkling pomegranate and
    tangerine layered with evergreens,
    amber and spice.
  • Christmas Tree
    Forest-fresh scent of majestic
    firs accented with aromatic
  • Cozy Fireside
    Warm spice notes with zesty
    ginger and cinnamon.
  • !!!NEW!!! Holiday Kiss
    Mysterious notes of warm amber
    and rare woods combined
    with exotic spices and lime.
  • !!!NEW!!!Pomegranate Ice
    Juicy pomegranate and sweet
    berries with cool, bracing
  • !!!NEW!!! Red Chili Masala
    Spicy blend of red chilies,
    cloves and spices with rich,
    warm amber.
  • Snowberry
    Luscious blend of loganberry,
    strawberry, peppermint and
    zesty cinnamon.
  • !!!NEW!!!Spiced Grapefruit
    Mandarin and bergamot citrus
    perfectly balanced with spicy
    coriander, nutmeg and allspice.
  • Spruce & Citrus
    Crisp oranges with soft undertones
    of freshly cut evergreens.
  • Winter Wonderland
    Exhilarating blast of a frosty
    mint breeze.
  • Baked Apple Pie
    Flaky crust, apples and spices
    combined in a strong scent.
  • !!!NEW!!! Caramel Spice
    Toasty caramel, buttery toffee,
    and butterscotch with cinnamon
    sugar and cream.
  • !!!NEW!!! Coconut Macaroon
    A delicious macaroon made
    with almonds and coconut with
    sugar and a dash of citrus.
  • !!!NEW!!! Cutiepie Cupcake
    Sweet clementines and yellow
    cake batter with vanilla and
    sugary icing.
  • !!!NEW!!! Key Lime Cookie
    Zesty lemon and lime enveloped
    in a cloud of vanilla cream.
  • Pumpkin Roll
    Creamy pumpkin pie filling,
    surrounded with yellow cake,
    pecans, butter and spice.
  • !!!NEW!!! Raspberry Danish
    Loganberries and sweet raspberry
    jam wrapped in brown
    sugar and flaky pastry.
  • Sticky Cinnamon Bun
    Cinnamon and sweet icing with
    warm, nutty nuances.
  • Sugar Cookie
    Warm, sweet blend of butter,
    sugar and creamy vanilla.
  • Vanilla Walnut
    A warm fragrance with roasted
    walnut and sweet vanilla bean.
  • !!!NEW!!! African Mahogany
    A crisp, outdoorsy fragrance
    combining precious woods with
    a hint of musk and amber.
  • !!!NEW!!! Bourbon
    Top notes of whiskey rounded
    by full-bodied maple sugar and
    honey and charred white oak.
  • !!!NEW!!! Hemingway
    Rich, ripe apples and warm,
    woody accents of sandalwood
    and cedar with hints of spice.
  • !!!NEW!!! Casablanca
    An exotic blend of aromatic fir
    and cypress with hints of water
    over sheer white musk.
  • Enchanted Mist
    Romantic blend of juicy apples,
    enhanced and sweetened by
    rose petals and rich jasmine.
  • Flirtatious
    Fruity and vibrant, a combination
    of green apple, grapefruit
    and white amber.
  • French Kiss
    Sweet fig tenderly caressed by
    coconut pulp, exotic cedar and
  • Lucky in Love
    Sweet bouquet of mandarin,
    bergamot and orange with hints
    of peaches and berries.
  • !!!NEW!!! Pretty in Pink
    Feminine white florals with a
    touch of grapefruit over a rich
    amber and wood foundation.
  • !!!NEW!!! Satin Sheets
    Sensual and earthy sandalwood
    perfectly paired with rich,
    warm vanilla.
  • Simply Irresistible
    Lavender with a strong, woody
    background of amber, moss
    and musk.
  • !!!NEW!!! Taj Mahal
    A soft oriental fragrance built
    on a base of musk and amber
    with subtle florals.
  • Twilight
    A lovely, sophisticated scent,
    infused with soft romantic
    florals and ocean air.
  • Oxford
    A masculine blend of ginger
    and frankincense with woody
    cedar and amber undertones.
  • !!!NEW!!! Rustic Lodge
    Warm fragrance of cedar, oak
    and musk with traces of wood
    smoke and fallen leaves.

  • Leather
    Rich leather scent reminiscent
    of an old-fashioned leather

  • Beach
    Papaya and honeydew, sweetened
    with a hint of coconut.
  • !!!NEW!!! Boysenberry Moss
    Tart berries and sparkling
    bergamot float over a base of
    deep moss and vanilla musk.
  • French Lavender
    Pure, herbal fragrance of
    wild lavender from the hills of
  • !!!NEW!!! Mineral Springs
    Energizing grapefruit and bergamot
    with a mélange of herbs
    and notes of fresh spring water.
  • !!!NEW!!! Mountain Retreat
    Gentle florals and juniper
    berries with calming herbs and
    ocean air.
  • Ocean
    Cool and refreshing aquatic
    notes deepened with water lilies
    and ocean breezes.
  • !!!NEW!!! Olive Wood & Cypress
    French olive wood, bracing
    cypress and crisp citrus with
    woody and musky undertones.
  • Pima Cotton
    A light, clean blend of lilies,
    freesia and jasmine.
  • Thunderstorm
    Very refreshing, sharp, spicy,
    outdoor fragrance; like the
    breeze in a storm.
  • White Tea & Cactus
    A clean, crisp and refreshing
    floral mix with green notes.
  • !!!NEW!!! Green Tea Smoothie
    Energizing green tea and fresh
    ginger with fruity peach,
    nectarine and cranberry.
  • !!!NEW!!! Holiday Chai
    Black tea and orange zest;
    spicy pepper and cinnamon
    with a splash of cream.
  • Coconut Citrus Parfait
    Creamy coconut milk and
    vanilla bean with a hint of
  • Coconut Lemongrass
    Creamy, tropical coconut and
    sunny, bright lemongrass.
  • Coconut Palm
    A unique blend of tropical
    coconut and musky patchouli
    with subtle green bottom notes.
  • Cranberry Mango
    A mélange of tropical mango,
    cozy cranberry and spicy
  • Cucumber Lime
    Cool, refreshing blend of
    mellow cucumber and tangy
  • !!!NEW!!! Grapefruit Berry
    Tart grapefruit and lemon rind
    paired with ripe berries and
    sweet blackberry preserves.
  • Lush Gardenia
    The creamy, full scent of classic
    gardenia, with a whisper of
  • Pineapple Paradise
    Rich, juicy perfume of fresh
    pineapple with a spicy finish.
  • Plumeria
    Hawaiian plumeria and nightscented
    jasmine mingled with
    succulent pear.
  • Tangerine Tango
    Refreshing, sparkling tangerine
    and green, fresh lemongrass.
  • !!!NEW!!! Mochadoodle
    Delicious roasted coffee beans
    and cocoa balanced with sugar,
    caramel and heavy cream.
  • !!!NEW!!! Red Berry Tea
    Raspberries, pomegranate and
    rosehips with sharp, aromatic
    red tea leaves.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Evan's 4th Birthday.... yep he is getting big

Cousin Wes parted with his dear Star Wars Episode 1 toys... Evan loves them! Thanks Wes!